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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Hand Lettered for Organic Valley

Earlier this year I created some beautiful lettering for Organic Valley. Unlike vector art from the start with every line and curve drawn to perfection the request for this project was to develop lettering with a hand drawn appearance. To accomplish the task I drew the lettering with a mechanical pencil on layout paper and many overlays. Just like the pre Mac days with french curves and ellipse templates in the drawing process. When the composition was finessed with a ball point pen to darken the pencil lines. The sketch was scanned, posterized and streamlined to vector paths for final print production.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Smoothies Logo Development

Smoothies was a project from 2012. The client who is also a highly skilled package designer was in need of an update with the Smoothies brand logo.
Lately I have been getting requests for tight pencils before developing finished vector lettering for a packaging project. The sketch process begins with very rough drawings. Best to start loose as refinement happens with a series of multiple sketch overlays. Eventually the top overlay gets rendered with markers, scanned and cleaned up in Photoshop. 

This image shows the starting point of the sketch process to the final sketch before proceeding to vector lettering. There were 20 overlays involved in the sketch process of each version.

After review of the sketches one version was chosen for vector development. The final lettering was sent to the client who imported the paths to Photoshop and created this beautiful presentation comp.

Under the Sky

Under the Sky is my first lettering composition of 2013. I had been thinking about combing lettering with garden imagery I have from years past. Not quite sure where this will eventually lead and I'm just going to go with it.

With this piece I enjoy the departure from commercial lettering. There is no wrong or right method here. Just painting colors and letters based on a quick thought of the moment. The actual piece is 32" X 14.5" created with many layers in Photoshop. The process is no different from the painting technique I learned decades ago before digital.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Dog in a Fight color comps

Preliminary color comp versions of the wall poster with off registration colors and scratchy surface texture. 

It's Not Size of the Dog in a Fight

Bold freehand lettering with plenty of contrasting shapes.  This piece was very complicated to finish with almost a year of reworking the composition. Though the lettering looks random, it took many pencil sketches to figure out placement of the words.