Monday, October 20, 2014

My Recent Collection of Pen Holders

My latest collection of pen holders milled in the past month. All different shapes and sizes. I just started  experimenting with dyes and transparent acrylics. The two pen holders on the right end of the photos are my first attempts with enhancing color. I have a long way to go with this newly discovered technique. I eventually plan to sell these pen holders.


  1. Please don't wait to sell them. They are so stunning I would buy one this minute if you had them for sale already :D

  2. Hi Ruby,
    I ended up making approximately 900 pen holders in the first year of owning a mini wood lathe. They all had different shapes and sizes. I gave a lot of them away to learn from others what worked and what did not. As I progressed I decided to not pursue selling the pen holders and spend time concentrating on lettering.

    This pen making hobby turned out to be a really great experiment and I learned how to make lettering tools. I now know a pen holder made with a cheap little 10¢ piece of scrap pine milled in 3 minutes will work the same as a beautifully laminated pen that takes many hours to produce and will sell for hundreds of dollars.