Friday, February 28, 2014

First Composition for 26 Seeds: A Year to Grow

Yesterday I finished my first  project for Reggie Ezell's 26 Seeds: A Year to Grow workshop. There will be many to follow for this year long workshop. This composition included monoline proportion studies. The proportions were used to letter the word Calligraphy in Roman caps style.

Since attending the first workshop a month ago I have been practicing letter proportions drawn on grids. Every letter in this composition was drawn on a grid. Many sketches were scanned as alpha channel masks while painting with pixels in Photoshop. This composition is a rather large 25" x 10" Photoshop file @ 1200 dpi printed as a Giclée.

Even though I letter in digital format all the preliminary steps happen on the drawing board with a variety of writing instruments. My studio space is not suited for painting on large canvas so I prefer digital for painting. My goal with this workshop its to learn and combine traditional methods with digital techniques. The final art will be large format archive quality prints.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Back to the Basics

In order to improve as a lettering artist I have to study letterform proportions. Lettering workshops sponsored by the Chicago Calligraphy Collective are an excellent source for improving skills. I recently attended the first 26 Seeds: A Year To Grow workshop taught by Reggie Ezell.  All participants practiced pencil Monolines on grid paper.

For the past couple weeks this pencil on grid study has been lettered hundreds of times in order to develop a better eye for lettering proportions. I am getting to the point in which I can letter Monoline in decent proportion with a pencil at any size  minus the grid paper.