Saturday, October 26, 2013

TYPISM Books Are Now Available.

The TYPISM books are now available for order.

One of my lettering compositions was entered in the TYPISM show earlier this year. Having a digital lettering composition accepted in TYPISM  international lettering exhibit and conference restored my confidence in digital lettering as a legitimate art form. 

The TYPISM book is now available for purchase. The preliminary image on the website offers a view of beautiful lettering included in this years edition. Definitely worth ordering and adding to any collection of lettering books.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Hand Lettered for Organic Valley

Earlier this year I created some beautiful lettering for Organic Valley. Unlike vector art from the start with every line and curve drawn to perfection the request for this project was to develop lettering with a hand drawn appearance. To accomplish the task I drew the lettering with a mechanical pencil on layout paper and many overlays. Just like the pre Mac days with french curves and ellipse templates in the drawing process. When the composition was finessed with a ball point pen to darken the pencil lines. The sketch was scanned, posterized and streamlined to vector paths for final print production.