Monday, May 13, 2013

The Tattoo Logo

Some logo projects require a lot of sketching. With commercial lettering, a concept no matter how beautiful may not be what the client has in mind.  With this project the first series of development sketches I sent got canned with the client requesting a logo be developed with 3D appearance based on his sketch. That logo did not fly either as the client changed direction. However the importance of a connecting ligature  with the cap and the double lowercase case t was emphasized.

More sketches were developed based on another client sketch. Eventually one was selected to pursue for final art which turned out to be quite a beautiful logo design. There is always more to the process than just drawing or creating vector lettering as the goal is to deliver a visual solution that fulfills a clients needs. That is life in the commercial lettering world.

This version was developed with the clients request to create a logo similar to his sketch with a 3D effect. After review it was canned with a request for further development with a connecting ligature.

At this stage of the project another client sketch was sent for input to further development. The final series of sketches were drawn, sent for review with the 2nd from top selected as the version to produce for final art.


  1. Really great.
    I find it quite laborious and hard to retain the balance in stroke length and width when vectorising the type... any tips?

  2. You have to look at overall contrast. Its about color of letterform shapes and trying to avoid contrast gaps or heavy filled in areas. Does not matter is lettering is created with vector software, marker or pencil.

  3. Quite a few nice options in this one! I'm curious about the kerning between the two Os though. From your sketches, it looks like that was something that popped up a little later in the process. What was your thinking behind going so wide with it?

  4. Josh,
    Kerning adjustments are made when viewing the logo in reverse at multiple sizes. If the letters are too close when viewed at small reproduction size the kerning changes.

    It is a matter of viewing overall contrast for reproduction quality.