Saturday, April 13, 2013

Organic Valley Lettering

I often refer to the grocery store as the  Lettering Art Gallery of Print Reproduction. A morning visit lead to a wonderful find in the dairy section. My lettering for Organic Valley is now in print on the milk packaging. In addition to this back panel lettering I also created the current Organic Valley lettering for the logo. This was 3 month project in the last quarter of 2012.

With this project I was sent a rough typeset file from the creative director with notes suggesting style reference.  I drew some quick studies with a ballpoint pen, scanned the sketches, posterized the images and exported to Illustrator for use as template layers. This is a excellent example to show what a lot of commercial lettering involves.

I prefer to not use type fonts when creating custom lettering but I had to follow the creative directors request for 9 words set in Tisa Pro. All the rest is hand lettered from scratch based on  the rough sketches. The word Delicious involved a bit of time to figure out an appropriate script style to fit in with serif letters of the overall design.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Variations of Medley Crunch

While drinking my morning cup of coffee and watching the local news a commercial for Medley Crunch appeared. You know you have made it to the big time of lettering when you see your lettering in a commercial. What a pleasant surprise!

Medley Crunch is a lettering project from August, 2012. The images posted show the preliminary versions created with variations. I have always believed that variations are a fundamental element to develop custom lettering. With every project I have worked on be it commercial or personal there is always a search to find what may or may not work for letterform shapes. Minor changes to a letterform can make a huge difference for print reproduction. Some projects offer time to develop variations and others happen under rush deadlines. It's the nature of the lettering biz and no matter the time allowed variations will always be an important step of the process.

A Taste You Won't Bee-lieve is not set type. The letters were drawn from scratch to match the selected Medley Crunch style. The variations with curves and hooks of the letter are what made the lettering unique and ownable.