Friday, July 6, 2012

Tejas Logo Development

Tejas is a recent lettering project. A good example of sketching and contrast development.  In my younger days I learned from a master designer that one of the key elements of lettering is black and white contrast. To this day I often work in reverse with white letters on a black background. I use this method to fine tune the overall contrast by closing gaps.

The client sent me a rough draft of Texas which had some problems. The contrast was off balance with thicks of the e, a and s which overpowered the vertical weight of the j and a. There was nothing unique in the cap T or j.  

The only way to properly develop Tejas was to spend time rough sketching. Sketching is the ultimate skill to find answers for what may  or may not work. After some time with pencil and paper I  developed the circled version which definitely had some potential for vector lettering. The client select 2 versions to refine in vector format.


  1. Could I use this for a team name and logo? I really love the letting as well as the actual name Tejas! I was looking for something just like this black and white nothing fancy or with too much color. Looks really sharp although I would like to just incorporate and outline of the actual state of Texas just so people know my meaning of the word "Tejas".

  2. Johnathan,
    I advise not to use this logo as the client purchased ownership of the lettering. You may end up with a legal issue of copyright infringement if you print and sell merchandise with this lettering.