Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My Social Brand Logo Development

Earlier this year I worked on a logo project for My Social Brand.

What made this a challenging logo to produce was the client request that each word be surrounded by interlocking talk bubbles. After a concept sketch was selected for vector I did some additional sketching to figure out  the rough shape and position of the individual letters. The sketch was imported to Illustrator to use as a reference guide. I had to make numerous adjustments during the vector drawing process as the logo was going to used for repro from small to large sizes. I quite often view the logo in reverse to avoid any odd contrast.


  1. Looks great! About the vector screenshot: Do you start with the outline and than set the thicknes or do you use pen tool to make the outlines from scratch? Sorry for any mistakes...

  2. I use the pen tool to draw a single line segment for the letter forms. I will then offset the path by several points for a very thin line shape that gets manipulated by repositioning the points. I am sort of winging it with the Illustrator template layer as only a first step reference image.

    When I alter paths to shape letters I am drawing in real time with unexpected things that happen along the way. Whilr doing script letters I am not calculating vertical weights wioth precise measuring. It's all visual. I am constantly zooming out to view contrast and legibility. Every time I begin shaping a new letter the B/W contrast changes throughout and adjustments continue to be made.

    I have often thought it would be cool to show the vector drawing process in a classroom or workshop environment but there are never any local opportunities available.

  3. Really like that, you've got the balance of the speech bubbles and their relationship with each other just right. Nice work!

  4. Thank You for answering, it is so motivating!
    Best wishes!