Wednesday, February 1, 2012


This is a little practice piece I did with a Pilot Plumex fountain pen. I have been practicing while recovering from hand surgery last week.

Before my practice session tonight I altered the pen nib to a shape that can easily float on the paper surface with little preassure. Instead of a pointed nib I sanding the tip to an angle shape. I then burnished the sharp edge by rubbing the nib on a flat piece of aluminum until it was smooth and did not tear the paper fibers. After several attempts with the fountain pen I had a composition to scan and recreate as vector lettering. The pen now writes like a Speedball nib.


  1. Hey! Nice work, I love this pen, I use it a lot, I even made a Youtube vid about it, but Your trick with the nib is so awesome... Thanks for sharing! Best wishes from Poland!

  2. Hi Alan,

    Hope your recovery is going well. I had hand surgery once and I know how painful it is. Persist!


  3. Thanks for the nice reply Andy. Recovery is going very well. I decided to take a break from lettering daily to let everything mend properly. I have been enjoying the time off and expect get back at it again very soon.


  4. I read a lot about nib adjustment, watched a lot of video on you tube, but never have the gut to try it out on my fountain pen. Thanks for sharing your experience.