Sunday, January 22, 2012

Broke My Paw

This is the first time I have lettered since breaking a metacarpal bone in my hand this past week. I'll be getting this fixed in a couple days and plan to be lettering full time in a few weeks.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Open Your Mind

I had this though earlier today. As a result I am finally beginning to understand how to hold the pen and turn the nib while lettering. Such a simple thing that has eluded me for decades. I know the structure of this lettering is crude but the technique is spot on with something I have been pursuing for countless years.

No Photoshop retouching or redrawing in vector format with this one. Just movement of my hand, pen and nib in a brief moment.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Time to drink some Coffee

Another quick practice study with a Condor fountain pen. When I attempt this style with a Speedball C4 nib I end up tearing the paper with the nib or getting a stray stroke. I may have have too heavy of a hand for Speedball nibs. With the Condor fountain pen I can push into the surface of the paper or barley touch the surface

It Takes Mucho Practice

Finally had some free time to play with a Condor fountain pen again. My goal was to create a lettering script for print production within 1 hour. I wrote on top of a quick pencil sketch with the fountain pen. No time for creating vector lines with this practice study.

The lettering was scanned, imported to Photoshop, blurred slightly to reduce some of the stray pen marks and drop out the pencil lines. The levels were adjusted to hold a textured edge. Had this been for an actual print project the file resolution would have been adjusted for higher dpi to create a streamlined vector path.