Sunday, December 4, 2011

If This Be Not Calligraphic

I created this one to work out my frustration of not being allowed to enter any of my lettering in a exhibition as digital lettering is not allowed. From my POV, it makes no difference if lettering is made with a stick, spray can, piece of chalk, brush, marker, fountain pen, crayon or a Wacom pen. It takes more than a writing instrument to make lettering as heart, soul and personality are the real ingredients.


  1. why didn't you wrote this digital calligraphy to paper with pen nib and ink, and then send that handmade work to the exhibition? :)
    I think, it could work!

  2. Lelja,
    I use traditional lettering writing instruments and vector software every day. I have been using vector software to create lettering for more than a quarter of a century. Vector software is just another tool no different than a pen or brush. The lettering on this image was created with my hand, a writing instrument, ink, paper, scanned, refined as vector lines and imported to Photoshop to add color.

    I hope that some time in the future digital lettering will be allowed in calligraphy exhibits. It is good to enjoy all forms of lettering.