Friday, December 30, 2011

Holiday Wine Lables

Toast the Holidays is wine label lettering created for a client I have worked with for many years. This was a rather challenging project due to a rush deadline with very complex lettering.

I drew the rough sketch on the left within a few minutes. No details, just a basic concept to show my client what was possible. After showing the rough concept I was asked to provide to provide a tighter sketch the following afternoon. I spent the next morning creating refined drawing and got the approval to proceed.

All the lettering was hand drawn from scratch and at times I had to change areas of the design on the fly due to contrast and legibility issues. What might look great in a sketch may not work when reduced as clean vector letter forms. One of the problems I ran into was the script for UP. What I originally sketched for UP was off balance with the overall design and did not tie in with the embellishments throughout the wine glass. I spent many hours redrawing thos two script letters till I had a visual solution.

The final labels were printed in two different color schemes for both red and white wine bottles. This was some of the most beautiful lettering I had created in 2011 and a nice project to end the year with.


  1. Amazing work! I found your blog just yesterday and I can't get enough of your lettering - it's beautiful. Could you please recomment some resources (book, ebook, url, tools) for absolute beginners? I have no special pen, paper etc., but I would really like to try this kind of art. :-) Thank you very much.

  2. Thanks EskiMag.
    THere are a lot of video showing calligraphers using a variety of pens at YouTube. Search for Calligraphy, Parallel Pen, Pointed Pen and Brush Marker lettering. You will se a variety of of lettering styles, tools and paper. You can also find used calligraphy and lettering books on ebay or