Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The AKL Logo

AKL is a logo I created for Arno Karthollnig Lettering. Basically a fun little lettering project to do while enjoying a break from recent commercial deadlines.

My first logo attempt turned out OK but I had some reservations about the legibility with a close lockup of all 3 letters.

The initial sketches were studies of 3 combined letterforms A, K & L. I used a PITT brush maker and knocked out a bunch of roughs. I taped them to my office wall for review and selected several to scan and import for use as a drawing template. My intention was not to duplicate the rough letter shapes in Illustrator. The template was nothjing more than a visual reference starting point.

I posted the logo on Dribble and a fellow lettering artist commented the logo read as "AIR". At that point I thought it best to separate the K & L and redesign the piece with perhaps more elegance. I drew another rough and and started over in Illustrator. The second logo attempt turned out rather nice compared to my first effort.


  1. Hi Alan,
    You can keep the 1st version, and use color to separate each letter.
    I'm thinking of something like this:

    Pablo Impallari

  2. Hi Pablo,

    You are correct. Color can easily separate each letter. What I find interesting with these 3 letters is the degree of difficulty to lock them up in close configuration. I hope to continue studying this logo design as a learning process. Unlike a commercial lettering project there is no tight deadline with this one. Anything is possible.

    Best Regards,

  3. Beautiful lettering and design... enjoyed seeing all your preliminary sketches. It helped to remind me few successful lettering examples are done "perfectly" the first time, or without practice work on the front end. Thank you for sharing your process!