Thursday, October 6, 2011

Too Much Coca Cola

Once upon a time I was told that my lettering is "too much Coca Cola". I have not been able to figure out that comment but it makes for an interesting lettering piece.

The lettering was drawn in Illustrator with a clean edge using a quick PITT brush marker scan as the template. The clean edge was roughened with the pencil tool. Two of the preliminary sketches were scanned in Photoshop, posterized, turned into paths and copied into Illustrator for use as the background image.


  1. I love your work, and I love this phrase. Is there any way this could be made available as a print?

  2. Karey,
    Thank you for the compliment. I can make a giclée print on cold press watercolor paper. I will contact you by e-mail to discuss details.


  3. Just stumbled upon your lovely work while googling for inspiration on how to even approach a modest lettering project.

    Onto the oddball critique. Isn't the Coca Cola logo a mostly straightforward Spencerian script? Perhaps that's what your inarticulate reviewer was trying to convey? I've been working on learning a Spencerian Ladies' hand, but the forward slanting letters feel highly unnatural. At least the looping embellishments are loads of fun.

  4. Still have not been able to figure out what being like Coca Cola is about since the comment was made. your guess is as good as mine.