Friday, July 22, 2011

Slow Down You Crazy Child

Slow Down You Crazy Child is a recent tattoo lettering project. I was so pleased to have received a photo from Vicki showing her inked wrist.

This project began with a series of quick little compositions to show what was possible.

As with all projects I began with a template sketch starting point. Adjustments were made for the lettering to read properly at a small size. Words and letters had to be reshaped, resized and altered to create the composition.

After the composition came together I embellished to the letters to provide Vicki with something unique to enjoy for a long time. I am amazed her tattoo artist was able to recreate all the details of my lettering at such a small size. What a pleasant surprise!


  1. That's beautiful, excellent work and it's great to see such a carefully designed typographical tattoo! I've got one I had designed by a Japanese calligrapher, and my best friend is a tattoo artist with an MA in illustration and 10yrs graphic design and type experience behind him so luckily I see a lot of excellent work - sadly he gets a LOT of people coming in with text ideas or something they've seen that are awfully designed, unsuitable for tattooing or just damn poor type design, so there's a lot of convincing and redesigning involved ;)

    Do you mind if we retweet this from his account (@ktot)?

  2. minxlj,
    Thanks for the nice compliment. You may retweet anytime.


  3. Thanks! I've added a link from - you should get yourself on there, lots of designers appreciating good type who'll follow you! :)

  4. When will you realize Vienna waits for you...

  5. Do you do requests? I love the layout of this. I want a tattoo that says "Trust that the wind knows where it's going" and one saying "Gura" .

  6. Yes Britta, I do requests all the time. Contact me at: to discuss the tattoo lettering you are in need of.

  7. Do you still do requests, I have recently decided to get a tattoo and want something custom done. I haven't seen anything out there I like.

  8. Hi Tracy,
    I'd luv to do lettering for you. You can contact me to discuss your project including my fee for hand lettering.