Sunday, May 22, 2011

Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem was a cool project and the lettering is now on apparel at Random Objects.

This Project was recently featured in InPrint showing all the concept sketches. When I letter in vector format I start with single weight strokes to develop structure of the letters including spacial relationships. This is no different than drawing with a pencil or marker on a sheet of tissue paper. A lot of trial and error happens in this stage.

Once the composition reads properly I will shape each letter with bezier curves to create the desired thicks and thins.


  1. A true craftsman who lends artistry to their craft. Kudos Alan.

  2. Nice work! I'm trying to learn the craft myself and I have one question for you if you wouldn't mind answering. Once you have the composition set in illustrator (single width) do you expand the appearance and then use the bezier curves?

  3. Adub47,
    I use bezier curves constantly, When I start with a single line I either offset the path or outline the path. To adjust the letterforms I move individual points and adjust the bezier handles.