Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Albanese project

Albanese was a lettering project for a local client at the beginning of 2011. This was a project which required a lot of sketching in a quick time frame to develop a brandmark for a chocolate product.

I often tell people that that drawing skills are essential. When I start a project I do a lot of preliminary studies to learn the letterforms. I am not creating detailed drawings as all the precise draftsmanship happens while drawing in Adobe illustrator. I rarely spend more than a couple minutes per sketch. Basically a lot of quick investigation of what may work for readability.

This series of sketches was done with a PITT marker on sheets of 9" X 12" layout paper. I drew these studies while sitting at the kitchen table eating lunch. Only had a couple hours get some ideas together on paper for a quick presentation with the art director. After all the trial and error studies I picked versions which had some potential for further development, traced them while adding notes for the AD to read. After sacnning the layouts I e-mailed the files for presentation.

These are the images sent to the AD. After he reviewed everything we discussed which versions to develop in Illustrator.

This image shows the vector versions created from the sketches.

After sending the vector art files to the AD I created one more version that had nice flow and contrast. Something extra as another option for the AD.

Overall, this was a very successful project. The images show that drawing is an important part of the lettering process. Sketching is the way to find out in a very quick time frame what will and will not work. Concept sketching also allows the opportunity to show a client what is possible instead of guessing what finished art might be.

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  1. I found this post very inspiring. It makes me want to spend a lot more time upfront getting a better feel for my subject before I make a choice of what I think is the most interesting thing. I was drawing from the model last night and stayed very loose in the beginning trying to get familiar with the forms. I responded to the shapes appearing on the paper and than had a better feel and understanding for the forms I chose the focus on and develop. I was pleased with the results. Thanks Alan!