Friday, February 18, 2011

This One Is A Keeper

At this point in time I continue to practice gestural writing skills. When I have free time from commercial project this is what I focus on. For every 20 sheets of paper I practice with I get maybe 1 or 2 lettering compositions worth refining. This lettering example is one of them.

I wrote "This one is a keeper" a number of times trying to develop a good flow of letters. I scanned the inked lettering for template use and started with single lines which turned into outlines.

The shape and placement of the thicks and thins changed constantly while drawing in Illustrator. The final is quite different than the initial inked lettering. I just let the letterform shapes happen along the way in a natural manner.


  1. I'm loving this one, and your blog in general. Keep posting!

  2. Fantastic energy! One of many keepers in my opinion.

  3. Alan in some of your earlier posts you talked about doing wrist exercises. Would the 18 unused sketches be considered part of wrist exercises or are there specific movements you do that you find strengthen your talents? Great energy in this lettering!

  4. Ed,
    A lot of this is trial and error in search of lettering which is readable. All my preliminary sketches are studies to learn how letterforms interact with one another. Just something I do before creating the refined lettering in Illustrator.