Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Gestrual Sample

I have not posted any new lettering in a while as I have been practicing my gestural writing. I was fortunate to take Yves Leterme workshop a couple weeks ago. I was in awe of the beautiful lettering Yves has produced throughout his career. In addition, I got to watch a group of amazing CCC calligraphers produce a lot of amazing stuff with a variety of writing instruments. So much talent to experience for 4 days.

After the workshop I have been paying more attention the shapes of the letters I write instead of placing random strokes on paper. This sample was produced with a Hiro nib and oblique holder. Prior to the workshop I never had any success with a dip pen. This is the first step in a long way to go.


  1. I've been waiting to here how the workshop went. This sample to me is way beyond a first step. Great stuff Alan, I'm glad you enjoyed the workshop!

  2. Love it Alan!!! Your lettering nearly dances off the page.

  3. Alan,
    I am new to your blog... this is my first time to read it. This beautiful lettering sample is what drew me in. Love it! If this is an early attempt, your work will be quite amazing as you progress.