Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cap X for LetterCult AlphaBattle

X is a letter created for the AlphaBattle. I have been working on this illustration style for the past year. Something loose with a rough visual as a change from precision lettering for commercial projects. A lot of the early B/W lettering was uplaoded on letterPLAYGROUND early in 2010.

Now that I have spent a year sketching letters of this style I am starting to think about color and offset layers on a larger scale. This lettering and illustration style will evolve into more complex lettering illustrations and eventually prints.

Though the illustration has a unplanned appearance a lot of preliminary sketching was required to develop the letter shape.


  1. His works are fantastic.
    I would like you to give your opinion about this work:


  2. Very nice! Reminds me of lettering from the late 1960's era. There is a great amount of lettering inspiration available for the eyes to enjoy including your piece.

  3. Just spent the evening going through ALL of the posts on your blog and just wanted to comment before i left.

    AMAZING work! I recently just became obsessed with the art of hand lettering. It's funny, as a graphic designer, I never thought about getting into hand lettering. However, there are more and more instances where I find myself wishing for a font that just isn't there.

    Anyways, thanks for the inspiration and for sharing your process. I think it's so important for people to continue to see the "analog" side of a very digital industry.

  4. bscdesign,
    Thank you for the nice compliment. I have several large scale projects I'll be positing in the future that involve a lot of concept sketching. With commercial projects I have to wait quite a while before showing anything to the public. It is all good stuff.

  5. Alan thanks so much for the quick reply!!

    As someone who is a small fish in a large pool, it's great to know that there are talented designers out there who like to communicate. A lot of what I see currently is the "big buys" getting really big and aren't into the idea of sharing their process and prefer to just show work. The design "Rock Stars" if you will.

    So again, thank you so much for inspiring to move into a whole new realm of design that I had never even thought about. I will definitely continue to pop back here as often as I can..