Friday, December 31, 2010

The Illustrated Ampersand

This ampersand illustration is a practice session. I plan to use this effect of rough surface and off registered inks on the next promo poster currently in the works.

This ampersand version is the one I decided to use for a 7.5" x 8" Giclée print on cold press watercolor paper.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Cap W for LetterCult AlphaBattle

arlier this year I uploaded some cap letters to Alphabet Playground. As the year progressed I got swamped with commercial work and the cap letter projects had to be put on hold. Now that I have some time available I will be uploading new cap letters to Letter Playground. and AlphaBattle.

The screen shot shows a sketch of the W as a drawing template. The vector lines were imported to Photoshop and filled in several layers. Various 3rd party filters were used to create the surface texture, offset shapes and distortion of the illustration.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Old Dudes Rule

Happy Holidays to everyone out there!

The past few weeks have been rather hectic with many rush deadlines and little free time to experiment with alphabets. Lately I have been thinking about printing a series of 13" x 19" posters. This one is the first and was created for a friend I worked with for many years. His creative mind gets better as the years progress.

This is the quick layout sketch used for the drawing template.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Beginning Phase Of A New Promo Poster

These two photos represent the preliminary sketch process and layout for my next illustrated promo poster.

When discussing the lettering process I often mention the importance of drawing and to do a lot of it. All the sketches on my office wall are basically rough concept studies to learn how elements of the illustration may or may not work together. No fancy or refined sketches in the beginning of a project. Just a lot of quick thoughts and ideas to scribble on paper.

The layout I will use for a drawing template took only a few minutes to sketch. However, I had to sketch all the preliminary studies to create a layout for my intended use. I now have the information I need to begin drawing vector art. As this project progresses I will probably do additional sketching for the complex areas of the illustration.

Saturday, December 4, 2010


Last week I was asked to write the word Confidence in a loose hand writing style for use on a large size banner about 6 feet long. To produce this lettering style I first had to understand how to compose the letters in a fluent manner.

I wrote the word a number of times on a small note tablet with pencil and pen. No matter how many years I have been lettering I never have an immediate answer. I go thru a trial and error process and eventually everything falls in place.

After the initial roughs I understood the rhythm and flow of the letters. I grabbed a PITT big brush pen and wrote the word at a larger size on a piece of 11" X 17' layout paper which was scanned and imported into Photoshop. I used the gaussian blur filter to smooth the letter shapes, posterized the image and saved the image as a 40" X 25" 75 dpi B/W bitmap file. The bitmap file was imported into Illustrator as a template to create the vector art.