Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Soulless logo

Early in 2010 I was contacted by Sam Bailey located in the UK and asked to design a new logo for his band. The group was changing their name to The Soulless. After discussing style ideas with Sam I researched a lot of Black Letter typography.

Initially I intended to create a logo with flourishes trailing from the top and bottom of the double L. I drew a series of pencil sketches including brush studies and fountain pen writing with a 1900's Swan eyedropper. I was looking for a way to interlock the letters using vintage writing instruments. As the project progressed the style changed as flourishes made for too complex of a read. I toned down the logo by using swashes instead of flourishes.

For the finished logo two versions were produced. A clean edge and a deckled edge effect. The logo can be viewed on The Soulless twitter page.

While in Illustrator I drew the letters by combining elements I liked from a couple of the sketches.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Jordas Summer Fruits

Jordas Summer Fruits is a recent lettering project for a client in Helsinki selling smoothies during the Finnish summer months. The project request was to create lettering with an illustration of fruit for use on stickers, banners and T-shirt. All items were to be printed with a red background. As with most projects, quick preliminary sketches were created for presentation, a design format was chosen by the client and final art was produced in Illustrator.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fresh Taste Challenge

Fresh Taste Challenge is a commercial lettering project form March 2010. This was a rush project with very limited time to develop roughs into finished reproduction art. Final art was to be printed at a small size. The rough sketches are a perfect example of the amount of detail required for a presentation approval. Due to the quick time frame each sketch was drawn within a few minutes with notes to explain details. All the lettering was created in Illustrator with a combination of custom drawn and set type.

This image shows the steps of creating the lettering. TAKE THE and GET BACK are set type. FREAH TASTE CHALLENGE and $5 are custom drawn. ALL the letters are set up on a straight baseline then arced while using only B/W tones. Proportions are adjusted, letters are grouped accordingly and color chips are established to use for color fills.

While drawing this version I decided to place GET BACK in a curved ribbon which allowed better visual fill of FRESH TASTE CHALLENGE.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The FR Logo

Earlier this year I received a request from a client in France to create an interlocking logo mark for his company. I enjoyed this project as it allowed me the chance to design an elegant mark with only 2 letters. After drawing some quick roughs the client selected 2 versions to refine. B/W art was created in Illustrator, imported into Photoshop and rendered with a gold effect.

Sometimes Good Guys....

This is a recent tattoo lettering project. Though it may look like a easy freehand script to create I spent quite a bit of time learning the rhythm and flow of the words. I wanted to find an interesting way to tell a story with a line of script. Something with a bit of an edge for a person involved with crafts and tools.