Thursday, May 20, 2010

Stockman & Dakota logo script

While watching the morning news today I saw a commercial for Stockman & Dakota with the logo script I created. This project goes back to 2008. The creative director at Brandimage sent me a sketch with the printed logo. The script was difficult to read with too much visual distraction of the loops and off balance structure with compressed letterforms. This logo was going to be reproduced at small size for web and print. My goal was to make the script readable.

The first step was to do some rough brush scripts for study of lettering flow. I created several sheets of quick roughs with these versions used as drawing templates.

Using the template as reference I started drawing the letters with a thin line and adjusted the thicks and thins. I decided not to
pursue the loop of the t and the continuous loop of the double k.

Another screenshot showing a thin line starting point altered for proper thick to thin weight.

The 3 final versions sent to the creative director who requested the lettering to have a rough deckled edge treatment.

The finished logo script as used on the Stockman & Dakota website.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Another Day in AlphabetVille

This is a late night script created with a 1920's Swan pen I was fortunate to find on ebay a while back for only $10. I had to replace the components to make it functional. I put in a new ink sac, jbar and found a beautiful replacement mint nib from Max Davis in France. It has the smoothest flow imaginable.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Eden is a lettering project from 2008 that I worked on for the design director at Ionic Communications. This is a good example to show concept sketches, refinements and lettering used for comp presentation.

My responsibility for this assignment was to create lettering with reference to nature. This image is the first stage of concept sketches sent to the design director. Several sketches were selected for further development to be created as vector art.

Scanned concept sketches I use for drawing templates in Adobe Illustrator are no more than quick visual reference guides. I have a tendency to change letterform shapes while drawing the vector art. A lot of script lettering I create starts as thin lines drawn over the template image. The line weight is altered to a similar thickness as the template image and changes occur along the way with small flourishes or swashes.

This screenshot shows the difference between the sketch and the vector art. The "en" combination of the sketch is too condensed and was changed while creating the vector art. Lettering has to be readable or it fails. It is very important to adjust the black and white contrast of letterforms to allow the human eye to read them.

This final image is the lettering as comp presentation created by the design director at Ionic.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Kineda logo

I recently was contacted by Terry Ng of Kineda to develop a new logo for his fashion and lifestyle website. The goal for this project was to create lettering with a retro look and a modern, fun, hip feel. After viewing some logo style examples Terry sent to me I began sketching a series of quick, rough concepts with a Sailor brush pen.

The next step was to select several versions with potential, draw them in Illustrator and show a screen image to get client feedback and direction for style.

As the project progresses, the cap K was refined along with the lowercase letterforms. In all phases of the project I was fortunate to have open communication with Terry to fine tune all the details needed to create a unique logo.

The final phase of the project was a screen image with the final logo at various sizes in both positive and negative format. Minor tweaks were made and the final art now resides on the Kineda website.