Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Letter Playground Alphabet Experiment Taking Shape

I recently uploaded a series of uppercase letters in 2 styles at Letter Playground. All the letters have been quick sketch studies at low resolution with a lot of opportunity to experiment. Playing with ideas and style concepts always leads to something good.

The cap "I" letter upload last night was rendered is a much cleaner style than the rough sketch versions. After rendering a letter this way I now want to create a complete uppercase alphabet in this style. I plan to use shapes of jewelry and fountain pens with a lot of bright toy colors when designing the letters.


  1. Isn't playtime, er, playground grand? And in the hands of a master, 'plus grand'! Thanks for sharing these Alan and showing your thinking at work.. R

  2. Your letters are great ... looks like you had a bit of fun creating them, too!

  3. Thanks Rand & Zandra. The drawing and rendering style is something I was working on about 35 years ago and it will be fun to play with stuff again.