Sunday, February 15, 2009

Serifs for Portfolio Gallery

This is another lettering treatment to be used for the Serif gallery on my web site. The concept sketch is very rough but provides all the information required for a template in Illustrator. The scroll lines connected to the R were drawn as freeform lines with no precise layout to follow.

Scripts Lettering for Web Portfolio Site

I created this lettering for the opening image of the script section in my web site. The sketch is approximately 17" X 17" and was done about 20 times at various sizes. Basically a hand writing exercise. I wanted to achieve rhythm and flow of the letters to use as a template in Illustrator with overall weight similar to the Abbey lettering.

Abbey in the Pre Digital Era

This Abbey lettering was done in the early 1980's prior to Mac computers and vector software. It was traced on layout paper using an enlarged Zerox copy of the thumbnail sketch as an underlay. Finished art was created with rapidograph pens, french curves, ellipse templates and shot by stat camera for final production.

I had the pleasure to work with an amazing designer at a Chicago art studio who provided me with the lettering sketch. The lettering was to be used by the Abbey Resort in Lake Geneva, WI. This project was my early inspiration for the Scripts lettering to be used on my web site.